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This section is the result of Xaser and co. getting bored and/or smoking English Class. It is advisable that you approach these links with caution, but we urge you to ignore all danger and read anyway.

.sir belfin.

the adventures of the senators


.Episode 1: the Tragic Day.

sir belfin becomes SENATORS

.Episode 2: the Sequel.

communism strikes back!

.Episode 3: the Third Reich.


.Episode 4: the Drug War.

a new dread force emerges!

Sir Belfin is a Xaserian psycho-political serial thriller starring our beloved Senators and his staff of governments as they battle the evil forces of Communism, Drugs, and more!

Note that the series was written by Xaser and not actually by sirbelfin himself (this was done intentionally to reduce bias). We apologize for all confusion that will result.

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