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Guns, Magic, and Style, all in one convenient package. Kill enemies for money with firearms and psychic powers and use the cash they drop to buy more. Though a simple formula, loads of customization options are possible, allowing you to pick and choose your powers and even spend your hard-earned cash on a variety of deadly powerups.

The mod is currently undergoing "final" tweaking and spriting for a hopefully-soon final release. Despite being a WIP, it is still very playable at this point for those who don't wish to wait.


Simple but fast-paced gameplay mod using only IWAD resources. Features enhanced weaponry, reloading, dual-wielding, double-jumping, and unrealistic dashing. Not to be confused with TheShooter7's actual parkour mod ("Edge of Doom"), of course.

Aside from perhaps a few tweaks, the mod is actually more or less finished. It also may or may not be submitted to Cutmanmike's Second Mutator Contest, assuming it still exists. ;)

.hacx 2.0.

An in-progress community effort to improve and "finish" Hacx that I happen to be leading. It'll feature 30+ full maps, lots of new enemies, improvements all around. More info at the linked site.

Check out the Hacx forums if you happen to be interested in contributing. ;)

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