remnants of shredded souls


My first over-hyped, over-ambitious 50-map megaproject that got nowhere. The basic idea behind it was "batshit insane gameplay," which even in its neophyte abandonedness managed to nail on the head. Dual-wielding shotguns against hordes of projectile-dousing imp variants and cacodemons that spit ghostly fast demons? Sign me up.

Also, the cyberdemons shoot more cyberdemons.

.total insanity.

An ancient TC-ish thing I started a looong time ago, back before I even joined the Doom community. Needless to say, it's not that great, but it does have some interesting stuff (although I am ashamed to admit that the best maps, MAP07 and MAP08, were actually ripped from Bob Reganess's System Vices). Play if bored or curious, I suppose.

.shitwads iv: teh suck.

You do not want to play this mod. Trust me on this.

No really, you don't.

.death to chainsaws.

. . .

Oh damn! Why am I listing this here? Wasn't D2C supposed to be my signature awesome-project that would never be canceled? Maybe... just maybe. But for now, its fate remains a mystery. It's actually quite questionable whether or not its existence was ever verified at all.

.go back.


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no, i'm serious. you really don't want to.